Each Aletheia & Phos item is hand crafted with precision and requires specific care. Please treat your jewellery with love by following our care instructions below;




    • Store jewellery separately in a protective box in a cool, dry place. This will protect your piece from humidity and prevent abrasion or scratching from contact with other jewellery.



    • Remove jewellery before any exercise or sporting activities.
    • Remove jewellery before coming into contact with water or liquid.
    • Remove jewellery before sleeping.
    • Remove jewellery before dressing and undressing to avoid the piece or prongs getting caught on clothing.
    • Take care not to drop, knock or tap your jewellery on hard surfaces as this can crack or chip your gemstone



    Tarnish is a natural and very normal process that can occur with silver and plated jewellery over time. This can be accelerated by exposure to certain substances, skin acidity, storage conditions and water.

    To ensure your gold, rose gold and rhodium-plated jewellery continues to live its best life, avoid;

    • All liquids including water, salt water, chlorine, shampoo & conditioner, perfume, soap, make-up, fake tan, hairspray, cleaning products, lotions, oils and oxidising agents (like hair dye; peroxide).
    • Swimming, showering and washing your hands – always remove your jewellery first.
    • Jewellery must be removed before any kind of exercise. Sweat is a complex, natural thing (that contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, fatty acids and much more) and it can speed up tarnish.
    • Just like us jewellery doesn’t like extreme heat, direct sunlight or humid environments. These conditions can cause jewellery to tarnish rapidly.



    • Gently polish with a soft cloth. Don’t use any cleaning products as this can damage plating.

    Our gemstones are sourced ethically, and our diamonds are conflict free.  Each stone is individually selected for its size, colour, clarity, shape and unique inclusions.

    Each Aletheia & Phos item is hand crafted with precision and care. We do our best to accurately display the natural colour and quality of our gemstones online. We cannot guarantee your stone will be the same as the image online. If you have a specific request, please contact Customer Care so we can find the perfect stone for you.