Sustainably Crafted Precious Metal Bracelets

Aletheia & Phos’ Australian handcrafted bracelets act as a conduit that strengthens human connection. Our delicate chain bracelets are a simple statement made to be shared with someone special. Each handcrafted bracelet is set with a gemstone, connecting the wearer to its energetic and healing properties.

Our best-selling ‘I Carry Your Heart’ collection, symbolizes the spirit of the human heart - figuratively and literally. Inspired by the poetry of E. E. Cummings, our ‘I Carry Your Heart’ demi-fine bracelets and sets are made to create a connection, one that stays with you no matter where you are in the world. Our signature anatomical heart pendant honors the people we love, and our immensurable love for them.

Our fine chain bracelets are meticulously hand crafted by our artisans, using the highest quality materials. Start your collection today, wear your story.